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You just made me vomit in my own mouth

Perhaps I'm the last guy to the party, but in case you missed it, the Canucks promotion department is going to harness the power of the intraweb for fans to broadcast their humiliation in hopes of winning the grand prize which includes, amongst other things, playoff tickets (presuming they make it I guess).

The good part is it gives me ample reason to mock and generally ridicule those who will post pictures, videos or whatever else is better suited for a message board linked on a Geocities Steve Kariya fan page. I’m willing to wager some will actually be pretty good, but the majority of user-generated submissions may fall into the camp of questionable, odd or just flat out wrong items. So who’s losing the best so far? Take a peek:

It’s not all bad though. I feel the girl on the left has a bright future whenever she turns 18. Don’t act like you didn’t think the same thing either. I’ll see you all in hell too.