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Woefully Shallow Self Promotion Starting….Now

Until I'm told to stop or I receive a court order delivered by a thick-necked individual with multiple facial scars compelling me to do so, I'll be joining JJ from the Canucks Hockey Blog as a regular contributor to the fan blog on My first blog for them went up today if you want to check it out.

(Note: I went with an image of my dog - who I teased in an early 'tagged' post - because he's far better looking then me.)

I implore you guys and gals to check out the blog when you get a chance, it's full of good stuff (besides, naturally, JJ and myself!). And a big thanks to you kind souls who make this blog well worth the effort.

Now, back to other a kinda sorta important game tonight. Have I mentioned I dislike Wes Walz yet?