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Where did the happy Naslund go?

Even after Markus Naslund scored a beauty goal last night, there was not a smile on his face as his teammates congratulated him. Has Naslund lost his smile? Why? Isn't he enjoying the team's success? Is he just 'all business' on the ice? Is it the whole Bertuzzi saga still? Is he too hard on himself lately? Does he want to go home?
After I Google searched Naslund, I realized that there were not alot of pictures of a happy-looking Naslund. Most of them I have posted here. (Non-candid pics don't count).
I like the picture of a young Naslund with his Swedish teammates. (Doesn't he look like one of the Beastie Boys?) Yes, that is Peter Forsberg in the background, but who is the player to his left? Is that Patrick Kjellberg?