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Walz is no Fitzpatrick

Start the war drums.

With the Flames spanking Atlanta last night, it's catch-up time for both teams who are now tied for second in the division. As with most Wild/Canuck games, there’s no shortage of subplots (including nonsense about birthdays, new Canuck penalty killers and how dominant the Wild have been against Vancouver this year).

The Canucks would be wise, however, to focus on one ugly thing: Mr. Wes Walz. Or, more accurately, what Walz said about Vancouver last month:

"Vancouver didn't even want the game. They were so bad. It was a game they weren't even in, and we just gave them hope."

For all I know, Walz is right…the Wild went on to win the game 5-2. But those words about not showing up and being bad should anger every single man in a Canuck uniform and their coach. This isn’t Crawford’s squad anymore where such a comment would be spot on, this is Viggy’s show and taking nights off, I thought, was verboten. Perhaps Vancouver should use every syllable from Walz’s statement and show them what playing Vancouver is like when they do want the game. Luongo sure as hell does. Anyone else on the team care to join him?

Prediction: 4-2 Canucks. Suck it Walz.

PS…Hey Linda, shut it. While getting attention from ESPN of all outlets is much appreciated, don’t ruin the concept by printing it before the playoffs even start.

** The image of sir Walz is courtesy of whatever this site is. Good on ya.