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The Ultimate Fan Post at

(Thanks to Temujin for the tip)

A super Canucks fan named Pfizer (who I believe lives in Japan) has created a mega post on forums that you will not believe until you see it. It is all about the Canucks' 1994 playoff run and especially the finals. Pfizer had recorded alot of the news, highlights, fan appreciation ceremonies on VHS and converted them to DVD and then YouTube. As well, he posted newspaper clippings, and pictures of some of his memorabilia from that year.
Do you want to relive the 1994 Cup run? I hear it is too painful for many Canucks fans to watch, but get a grip on yourself! Check out Pfizer's wizardry, and celebrate that Canucks team's phenomenal run. It was perhaps the best Stanley Cup Finals in history.
I have been wanting to do the same thing, as far as converting all of my VHS hockey footage onto YouTube to share it with everyone. I have every Stanley Cup clinching game on tape since 1974. I'll probably do that in the offseason.
Anyway, thanks Pfizer for sharing your collection! Below are 2 video clips from his post. The is the celebratory video of the Canucks' playoff run that was shown at fan appreciation day. The second is a great compilation made of the Canucks' run with a bit of a twist to it.