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Shanahan taken off on a stretcher

Oh boy. No one wants to see this happen. Brendan Shanahan collided with Flyers' Mike Knuble during the Rangers/Flyers tilt this afternoon. It doesn't look like they butted heads, but Shanahan was out cold regardless. No word on his condition yet. Moments earlier, Rangers' goalie Henrik Lundqvist took a Geoff Sanderson slapshot high, and left the game with an undisclosed injury.
These incidences are not good news to the Rangers, who are currently 3 points out of a playoff spot.
The Flyers did win the game 5-3 by the way. How about RJ Umberger? He's playing well recently. Is he going to emerge for Philly in Forsberg's absence? It appears that way.
It appears that Mike Knuble got the worst of the deal. He has a broken orbital bone, while Shanahan feels like he drank a few too many Spiced Rum and Cokes!