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Roberts could go to the Leafs again

The Leafs have apparently upped the ante on the Roberts sweepstakes by offering the Panthers second and fourth round picks, plus a prospect defenseman, which could be Brendan Bell or Staffan Kronwall. There is still no word from Roberts over the Pittsburgh saga, meaning he probably doesn't really want to go there.
With the added pressure for the Leafs to make the postseason, and the loss tonight to Montreal, it may only take a small improvement to their offer for Jacques Martin to pull the trigger on a deal. Like Bob McKenzie said, Roberts is playing a game of 'chicken.' This ordeal could drag out until the last minute tomorrow while Roberts plays asshole.
The Bertuzzi situation is different. It could take one team missing out on a big-name winger like Bill Guerin perhaps, for them to cut their 'losses' and trade for Bertuzzi. I still get a feeling that Big Bert won't go anywhere and the Panthers will try to sign him in the offseason. But that is just my opinion and guess. Why would anyone risk signing Bertuzzi when he is not cleared to play because of his wonky back? Would you? Back injuries take along time to recover from and are recurring in most instances.
It's risky business.