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Nonis will pull the trigger if the deal is right

Dave Nonis has said recently that he will make a trade to replace Kesler and to add a defenceman for depth, but only if the asking price is not too high.
"If we can add depth at both of those positions we'll do it," he said. "If not, we'll have to find a way of making do with what we have, including the players in Manitoba. You can only move a large number of picks so many times before you have really reduced your chances of having a strong reserve list and top prospects," he said. "Over the years our team has moved a great number of picks."

Nonis also mentioned that he has no regrets over last years' deadline deals acquiring Eric Weinrich, Keith Carney, Sean Brown, and Mika Norronen.
"Last year we had a team we knew we couldn't keep together," he said. "We also felt if they had been able to get in, we had a chance to do something. If we were in that position again, I think we would do it."

I know we tended to butcher Nonis over those trades in hindsight, but that team was doomed anyway under Marc Crawford so I agree with Nonis on his methods.
I have mixed feelings over Nonis doing any tinkering now though. I like the chemistry that is there already. The team is thriving as it is. I guess it will depend on who Nonis adds.
Do you think he needs to add a defenceman... Is it all that bad having Rory Fitzallstar back there...I guess he feels it is too early for Alex Edler and Patrick Coulombe to get some playoff experience. That also does not say much about Yanic Tremblay!