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Nonis flips the coin

They are two new bodies and depth is all important in the post season blah blah blah....

In truth I don't know much about Smolinski. His numbers are pretty solid over the years, although his best post seasons seem to be back in the mid 90's. They call him Smoke by the way; depending on where he plays, prepare your "Smokey Swede" chants now. If he plays like Linden has all season, not a bad pick up.

Sopel...not sure how I feel on this one. It's nice to see a guy we drafted finally come back. His best seasons were with this team by far; I seem to recall the main knock against Sopel was that he made woeful blunders in his own zone. So...he's a top 4 guy who could pull a Bulis and leave Luongo with a three on none to deal with.

I'm willing to bet Nonis is done now; he addressed the areas he was looking to upgrade.