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Lessons on a cold Saturday

What did I learn sitting four rows back from a decent game in a basically empty Continental Airlines arena this afternoon?

1. The man ahead of me kept loudly articulating his desire for Colin White to end another human's life. It make me curious if White heard him and, if so, was the guy himself on the list of those to be disposed of?
2. Brashear is still an intimidating fellow. As is Erskine for what it's worth.
3. Semin and Ovechkin are unreal to watch skate and cycle. The Devils mostly watched rather then even attempt to poke check them. Good stuff.
4. Janssen had his first NHL goal and it was a beaut. He then fought Erskine for what seemed like five minutes before pushing him to the ice. He'll deserves his beers tonight.
5. Zubrus is a hell of a lot taller then I thought.
6. Gomez only gives pucks in the pregame skate to children. Listen jackass, they didn't pay the stupid amount of money for their tickets, but I did. Adjust your priorities.
7. Ice girls make the world go 'round (the picture isn't fantastic, just take my word for it):