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Jan Bulis may be moved today or tomorrow

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My sources have been spamming me with emails tonight about Jan Bulis and that some teams may be interested in him. I fired all of my sources on the spot tonight and will now provide you, my faithful readers, the truth about what I think.

Bulis to Chicago (e2)

Bulis back to Montreal to save the dying Habs (e1). That may go up if he promises them another 4 goal game.

Bulis to Anaheim (e0.1) Brian Burke scoffs at Nonis' free agent signings and mutters a thousand expletives at the notion.

Bulis to ride a Dallas Stars player piggy back and then knock over Marty Turco, basically costing the Canucks a game (e5). Already done yesterday.

Bulis to be put on waivers (e3). Please God, PLEASE!

Bulis to be traded at all (e1). That may go up if a team offers more than a $50 gift certificate for Boston Pizza in return to take him off our hands.