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Hurricanes take the Stanley Cup to the White House (video footage)

After watching the clip below, there are a few questions that came to my mind...
1. Has George Bush ever watched a hockey game?
2. Is Ray Whitney a true midget?
3. Why didn't Rod Brind'Amour, a good BC boy, punch Bush in the face and say: "This is for the softwood lumber agreement, asshole! :)
A few funny recaps of what Bush said, taken from the transcript:
1. "You know, I'm not sure what is prettier, the Stanley Cup, or Mike Commodore's hair. A little disappointed you got a haircut. But, welcome."
2. "Fine looking lid, isn't it?" -referring to a congressman wearing a championship hat.
3. Players have tested its buoyancy by throwing it into pools and lakes. It does not float. The cup -- this may be hard for you to believe -- but it has been to a lot of bars. In case you're wondering, it holds 14 cans of beer.
Anyway, enough of his dry humor. Here's the clip: