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Fun with digits

482 - The amount of consecutive Canuck games Brendan Morrison has played, breaking tying Linden's franchise record
52.24% - The percentage of respondents on who feel that the 6-1 thrashing of the Leafs in January was the best win of the season so far
- Number of wins for Alain Vigneault in his first season as coach, tying Tom Renny's franchise record
23 - Number of one goal victories for Vancouver this year; leads the NHL
17-3-3 - Canucks in their last 23 games
8 - Number of seasons Markus Naslund has scored 20 or more goals, tying Stan Smyl's franchise record
7-2-1 - Canucks in their last 10 games
6 - Current ranking in the NHL standings
5 - Current length of winning streak
3 - Current ranking in the Western Conference
3 - Number of Daniel Sedin OT goals, tied for first in the league with Briere
1 - Long awaited and well deserved NHL victories for Dany "Jekyll" Sabourin

And, one more non-Canuck related stat for ya...

1 - The number of additional Eastern Conference players who, along with the entire Western conference and much of the northern hemisphere, want Sean Avery dead.

See ya soon Marc.

Photo is courtesy of the Ultimate Canucks Search. Not sure who’s winning it yet, but I’m all for just giving it to any of the dogs. Or this girl who I respect for her talent. Seriously. Her talent.