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Drunk Bloggin’ In Process

Pregame notes: I suddenly have a bad feeling about doing this. Which means it must be the best idea...ever. My face is still frozen anyway so I may as well drink, right? Besides, while the players have changed, the fact remains I hate the Avalanche and will gladly get stupid in hopes of watching them lose to a crazy happy GM Place.

- Theodore's in net? AND they spent last night staying busy losing to the Flames? If Vancouver doesn't come out with an obscene amount of high energy in the first, I'm going to shoot myself.

First Period: Rookie Paul Stastny has 49 points. If anyone was curious. Sick.

First Period: Luongod gets beaten by some Av. Brunette with help from 600 boy Sakic. Fine, clearly they want me to drink harder. Fair enough, I'm game.

First Period: It took a goal to remind the Canucks a game is being played tonight on their ice. Jan Bulis of all people is showing a pulse. Good lord, anything's possible.

First Period: ...and on the heels of that very comment, Daniel "dance machine" Sedin gets his 25th that Theodore kicks in on himself. Nicely done. And Mitchell got an assist! What's that bring his season total to? 4?

First Period: Garrett just spent about 3-4 minutes complaining that the Avs don't use Theodore enough. Do I really have to address this? Wikipedia just gave me a fun fact about good old Jose - "Theodore is a friend of Simple Plan drummer Chuck Comeau and was a guest at the band's December 2005 show at the Bell Center." That's adorable; perhaps they'll make a crappy song in his honor that'll sell a zillion copies and I'll die a bit more inside.

First Period: Canucks cough up a shorty to some lad named Richardson. A decent shot by him, a mortal-like mistake play by Luongod. Gets me think Dan Cloutier, since he has all the time in world, watches Vancouver games and secretly hopes Roberto's groin snaps like a twig? Just a thought.

First Period: Hughson nails the obvious point of the night so far, "this hasn't been a good period for Vancouver". Cooke takes a penalty although I missed what it was. Let's go with two for slue they even call that anymore?

First Period: Am I drunk already or did I just hear them say Green is centering Naslund? So... Reid and Moran are absent, Chouinard and Bulis are clocking time, and the captain has Green at center? Viggy...viggy...viggy...

First Period: Matt Cooke! Killer. Morrison has been lights out recently. Great stuff. No way this game should be 2-2 at this point.

First Period: Henrik...shoot the damn puck.

End of the first: Not precisely the period I was expecting, but not bad either. Avs came out as a better team, but the Canucks capitalized when they needed to. They have to tighten their defensive game up significantly in the second since Luongo doesn't have his A game just yet at all.

Second Period: Why is Hughson even bother talking about Sakic going to Vancouver? That'll never happen...the Avs may be on the outs this year, but no way they're sending Mr. Colorado to a rival the likes of Vancouver for a meager first rounder.

Second Period: Luongod is showing signs of earning that very name. Several good saves as the Canucks need to wake up badly. Someone poke Cooke and trash his mother to get him going. Something. Anything. Being outshot 18-9 is a fucking crime...hey, that rhymes. You are witnessing the power of Bacardi folks.

Second Period: Being outshot 19,000 to 10 clearly doesn't phase Vancouver as Morrison (who just made an atrocious pass up the middle to absolutely no one) jumps on a rebound and flings it past Theodore low to his blocker side to push the Canucks up by one. They don't remotely deserve the lead at this point. Mitchell gets another assist...this could be a career night in the making.

Second Period: Only two penalities so far, one a piece. That's damn good for the home team, although Quebec did score shorthanded. So maybe it all gets cancelled out. But I need some piss and vinegar here somewhere...or I'll just start drinking everytime Hughson or Garrett start bitching about Theodore's lot in life again. We should all have such problems.

Second Period: Well, just like that, the teams trade off penalities (both, obviously, for slue footing). Canucks powerplay wasn't anything special. In turn, the #1 PK in the league just gave up one to Brunette again. The Avs special teams are tearing Vancouver apart. No one saw that coming.

Second Period: Is Santala even playing? If he is, he's as invisible as Chouinard but at least I saw the latter for about 3 seconds before being benched or sent out for coffee.

Second Period: I know Krajicek is still a project, but his shot needs some work. Beeska rings a fantastic one timer off the post that would have made going to the locker room in a few a bit easier to stomach.

End of the second Period: If you're just walking by this blog and curious what this game has been so far: Canucks special teams have been terrible, Luongo was Auld-like in the first period, Henrik Sedin has decided shooting the puck is beneath him, Green is centering Naslund, Brunette has two goals that he never even shot, the television announcers have giant man-crushes on Theodore and I'm almost out of rum. Oh, and Nonis is out of his damn mind if he thinks of moving Cooke and/or Morrison before the trading deadline.

Third Period: Shit...I was making a new drink and talking to my roommate's boyfriend and I miss two goals? Henrik Sedin I see decided to start shooting after all. You know, that's so typical...well, at least they're winning.

Third Period: So as I backtrack to see that Morrison hits paydirt again, I watch Laperriere score. He's got to be my least favorite Av. He looks like a tool, I don't like having to check if I spelled his name correctly and he always plays well against Vancouver. 5-4 Canucks...this should be a fun race to 60 minutes now.

Third Period: Cooke's never had a four point game. Tonight seems like the ideal time to end that chicanery. He's flying tonight and is letting his play make the difference rather then his fists, mouth or body checks. Pay attention Raffi and take good notes.

Third Period: I just realized that, if the Canucks win, they'll go 10 points up on the Oilers, be tied point-wise with Dallas and be a single point behind the incredibly slumping Sharks.

Third Period: I ALSO just realized that the Canucks take on the Ducks (who lost tonight), the Kings and the Stars this week. These games are huge with the Ducks and Stars...but at any rate, back to this game. I just heard Laperriere's name again. Painful. More rum and soon I'll spell his name with 15 r's.

Third Period: A beautiful 3-on-1 which Pyatt converts on becomes nothing. The reply shows H. Sedin was tripped. Christ I hope that doesn't come back to haunt them.

Third Period: Shit, Brad May just became a bit less dense after getting hammered behind his own net. Wild finish in process...

Third Period: Matt Cooke makes a great clear to end the game on what has been one of his best nights this season, if not his Vancouver career, by far. Damned if someone didn't mention his value earlier this week. Canucks take the win, move 12 up on Colorado for what it's worth and don't just have the Northwest Division lead but are sneaking slowly into the upper echelon of the conference. Remember,
this is a team that was forecasted to not even make the playoffs and suck worse then the Blue Jackets. That alone deserves one more drink for and the happy foggy thoughts it will bestow. G'night all.