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Coach's Corner Online gets an upgrade

A snazzy little back hand pass to John Bollwitt for his post today about Coach's Corner getting revamped tomorrow. From the Inside The CBC: will launch a special online version of Coach’s Corner tomorrow with new content, design and features. Enhancements include an improved and larger video picture and an online forum allowing hockey fans to submit their remarks regarding Don’s, uh, "legendary" weekly commentary.

Episodes from the 2006/07 season are available online, and in the coming weeks, a full-screen viewing option and a revamped archive consisting of some of the most memorable Coach’s Corner moments from the past will also be available exclusively on

I've been visiting Coach's Corner for a couple months now and I'm anticipating the upgrade. I've been watching Coach's Corner since I was a little punk back in 1977.
Can you imagine how many comments will be on the forums? I wonder if he'll get alot of negative feedback from Europeans if he goes off on one of his 'softy' tirades.