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CN Strike lacks exposure

We at Newpro have been shut down since Monday because of the CN Strike. We have not been able to attain enough railcars to ship out our product and our warehouse is full.
We are not alone. Warehouses and stock yards are filling up all across the country, forcing either shutdowns or reduction of work force.
We are now slave to the government, who is voting today on whether or not to legislate a 'return to work' bill. This bill was brought forward by the Conservative minority government, so I'm not holding my breath.
In the meantime, myself, and I'm sure many other companies, look to the news for any update possible on the situation, and this is where I get completely frustrated. This strike is not even front page on any news sites or even on provincial and national tv news shows. No, they'd rather cover Prince Harry going to Iraq, Anna Nicole Smith's death and the court cases that ensue, and even Britney Spear's bald head and the lack of fucking brains inside it.
C'mon! This strike is causing nation-wide money-loss, job-loss, and is changing the market as we speak. Can someone get their fucking priorities straight so I don't have to sift through bullshit news before finding info on something that really matters right now: the CN Strike!

(I feel better now, back to reality)