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Canucks / Hawks Preview

-The Canucks have won 6 straight against the Hawks.
-The Canucks have won 8 straight games against the Hawks at home.
-In the last 2 games, the Nucks have outscored the Hawks 7-1.
-It appears that Lukas Krajicek may miss tonight's game because Alex Edler was called up today.
-The Hawks have won 3 of their last 4, after going winless in 10. Attribute last night's win over the Flames to Calgary giving up 2 5-on-3's late in the game. The Hawks came back and tied it up. That's an Alberta thing. BC's team won't do that...
-Is Sabourin going to play tonight?
Prediction: 5-1 Canucks if Luongo plays. 5-4 Canucks if Sabourin plays.

Game Time: 7:00 pm
GM Place
on Roger's Sportsnet.