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Bertuzzi may return sooner than expected

According to the Palm Beach Post, Todd Bertuzzi may return to the Panthers' lineup as early as this week. Big Bert played physical hockey in practice on Friday and woke up Saturday morning pain-free, the Post claims.
"It wasn't that stiff," he said. "It's getting better and I'll be back soon."

According to the Post, Bertuzzi had talked to buddy Ed Jovanovski and said that he could return to action on Saturday when the Panthers play the Coyotes.
So you know what this means: The Panthers are going to go on a tear and make the playoffs this year! :) Then all of you nay-sayers will realize that I was right!
All kidding aside, Bertuzzi's return should spark the Panthers, who, after losing 7-0 to the Kings last night, need a spark the size of an atomic bomb explosion right now!