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What the hell is going on in Phoenix???

Great things, yes, great things. The Coyotes have pulled off the improbable and won 7 in a row. Shocking. I figured I'd do a little math and show you some stats about Phoenix's win streak.

During the 7 straight wins:

-Shane Doan has 7 goals and 5 assists
-Oleg Saprykin has 2 goals and 7 assists
-Yanic Perrault has 3 goals and 5 assists
-The other Michalek has 1 goal and 6 assists
-Owen Nolan has 3 goals and 3 assists
-Jeremy "Mouth of the South" Roenick has 4 goals and 2 assist
-Ladislav "Crutches" Nagy has 2 goals and 4 assists

Unreal. Too bad almost every single one of those players are inconsistent. Once their hot streaks end, Phoenix should go back to sub-par play.

The Dogs have outscored their opponents 30-12 during the streak.

During those 6 games, the Coyotes have been outshot 217 - 180 by their opposition. This speaks volumes about the play of Cujo and Tellqvist!

The Coyotes are are back to .500 and are 3 points out of 8th spot in the West. Gretzky officially has less bags under his eyes.