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Was Stevie Y the greatest captain of all time?

I'm reading about some calling Steve Yzerman the greatest captain in NHL history. Do you agree? It's debatable. Yzerman was made captain of the Red Wings in 1986 at the age of 21, and held the captaincy for 20 years until his retirement. He won the Cup 3 times, scored 1755 points in 1514 NHL regular season games, and 185 points in 196 post season games. The length of Stevie Y's service as captain, especially after the dismal 'Dead Wings' years is worth noting in consideration as the greatest captain.
But let me throw a few more names at you.
Jean Beliveau. Played on 10 Canadiens Cup-winning teams and captained 5 of them.
Wayne Gretzky. 4 Cup wins as captain in Edmonton. Popularized hockey in Los Angeles and made right on his promise to bring the joke Kings to the Finals. Holds too many records to count.
Mark Messier. I'm kidding.
Denis Potvin. Dynasty, baby!
Joe Sakic.
Mario Lepoo?
Gordie Howe. How long was he captain of the Wings?
Yzerman's longevity as captain is much longer than any of those guys. But I'm more partial to Gretzky because of his greatness, or even Beliveau, who was beyond my time.
Yzerman's number gets retired tonight at 4:30 PST. Should be an emotional night. Bring Kleenex.