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Waiting For HTML

I just can't stop playing with HTML. I hope this new look to the site suits your browser. I've tested it with Firefox and IE in wide and narrow screens, and it seems to be alright. The design is created by a man in the Netherlands named Thur Broeders(pictured), who has been tampering and recreating Blogger templates for some time now.
Personally, I have wanted a 3-column template for some time, (especially to put the large blogroll on the left sidebar), but have problems with my sidebar content and padding/margins. I also wanted the flex option of the page taking up the whole screen when I was using a widescreen computer. So, thanks Thur!
I've also decided to reveal my true identity from now on, as you can see in the profile section. Please avoid emptying the contents of your stomach! :)
If you notice something is out of whack (besides the profile image), please let me know in the comments section.