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Patrick Stefan: Moment that will live forever

I can still watch this over and over. Poor Stefan. He was just going to finesse the puck into the net and it jumped over his stick. The fact that the Oilers went up the ice the other way and scored with only 4 seconds left is just so improbable. Will we ever see that again? 1 in a million. How do you think this will affect the players psyche when they skate towards the open net from now on?
Honestly, this could have happened to anyone.
Stefan remains in good spirits.
''They may show it a million times for years to come,'' joked Stefan. ''I mean, we came out with the two points so it's easy to laugh about it right now.

''It's not like I missed the net, I saw it was bad ice and I had so much time so I just tried to carry it all the way to the net. As soon as I put it on my back hand it jumped over my stick. Not much I can do about that.''

If you haven't seen it enough yet, here is the clip!