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Jan Bulis may ask to be traded

HULL, Que. -- Enigmatic forward Jan Bulis says he wouldn't be surprised if he's no longer a Canuck by the end of the all-star break.

Unsatisfied with his role and irregular ice time since the start of the season, Bulis said his agent Jiri Crha has had meetings with GM Dave Nonis to discuss his immediate future.

Crha said he didn't demand a trade but he's prepared to ask for a deal, turning Bulis into trade bait, if the sides can't come to a mutually beneficial understanding.

"I will tell you honestly, if nothing changes I will begin to explore trade options," Crha said. "He'd like to be used more than he's used right now. I will wait a couple of days, maybe through the all-star break, and then we'll see what happens."

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