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If the playoffs started today: Round 3 - Semifinals

If this is confusing you, it may be because you missed ROUND 1 and ROUND 2.


Buffalo vs Montreal. The Habs have endured two seven-game series and are still hanging in there. Buffalo has won their first 2 series in a combined total of 11 games. The Sabres are healthy and Habs are banged up. Samsonov has gone AWOL looking for Anna Kournikova. He heard she was available.
The Sabres take this one in 6 games because they appear unstoppable, and the Habs are not the team of 1993 either.


San Jose vs Nashville. Chris Pronger goes public and states that he's healthy and ready to play. But Teemu has to slap him on the back of the head and tell him that the Ducks were eliminated. Pronger's wife then demands a trade. Anyways...
This series would be so tough to predict. Nashville has played 4 less games in the postseason than the Sharks, including a first round sweep of the Flames and beating the Canucks in 6. The Sharks have endured two 7-game series as well.
Who would you pick to win this one? I'll take Nashville in 7 because they are healthy, more rested, and Vokoun is on fire.

This sets the stage for a Sabres-Predators final. Could that be possible?