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If the playoffs started RIGHT NOW...Round 2

Unless you consider the Canucks defeating the Stars, the Sharks defeating the Wings, or the Canes defeating the Thrashers in round 1 as upsets, then there really weren't any. This would be an unusual occurence, but oh well.
On to round 2.....

Round 2

1. Buffalo vs Carolina. Nice! A rematch from last year! This time the Sabres are ready. They are healthy for the most part, especially on defence. They win this series in 6 games because the Canes are a tough team and don't go down easily.

2. New Jersey vs Montreal. Wow, you don't see these teams play eachother much in the postseason. This is bloody tough to predict. But I'll say the Habs take this one in 7 games because I think they have a team that is built for the playoffs more-so than the Devils do. I like the Habs' heart and depth on their current team.

Round 2

1. Anaheim vs San Jose. Sheesh, not again! Given the nature of Pronger and Beauchemin's injuries, they still aren't back yet. The team had rallied to beat the Wild in the first round, but the Sharks are healthy and hungry, and take this one in 7 games.

2. Nashville vs Vancouver. Not good. Nashville has too much skill, and defeat the lunchpail Canucks in 6 games. Naslund retires, returns to Sweden, and works in a meatball factory.