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Hawks-Wild game ends with a question mark.

"I think the game in Vancouver was huge," Minnesota's Wes Walz said. "After we got that win, there was such a relief around our room to get the monkey off our back.
I squeeze my stick all the time, but even our skilled guys were squeezing their sticks. Getting that win, guys starting playing more loose and more relaxed."

Now the Wild can't lose on the road, and the Hawks can't find a way to win...period. They are 1-7-1 in their last 9 games. And now they aren't getting any breaks.
Denis Arkhipov, who was the 3rd Chicago shooter in the shootout, HAD to score to keep the shootout alive. His shot went underneath Manny Fernandez. The momentum of Manny backing up started carrying him over the goal line, with the puck under him. Suddenly he jumped to his feet, and there was the biscuit, still moving towards the goal line. Very casually, Fernandez looked down, and stopped the puck with his left skate, and kicked it away with his right skate. He thought the play was dead. Then one of the linesmen started pointing at the net signalling a goal. What the..
The refs went upstairs for video review and the video judges, after over 10 minutes of waiting, called it a no-goal.
''That was a goal,'' Chicago coach Denis Savard said. ''We've got it on our TV. Why? Ask the NHL. I've got no idea. It doesn't make any sense.

''The puck is this much in,'' Savard added, gesturing a two-inch gap between his fingers. ''The referees said it was a goal.''

Fernandez disagrees.
''I didn't think it went in,'' Fernandez said. ''The play ends when the puck stops moving and I've got control of it.''

But did Manny have control of the puck? He was sliding backwards while it was under him. The puck was still in a forward motion, even after he sttod up. It looked like it crossed the line before Fernandez stopped it with his skate. So what happened? Why was it disallowed?

On a side note, Derek Boogaard is still out of the Wild lineup with a head injury. Could it have been from this...