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A great day on the mountain

 At 11:00 yesterday morning, two friends of mine, brothers named Devon and Brian Bakker banged on my door, forcing me to drag my sorry ass out of bed. They invited me to go sledding with them. An hour later the sleds were loaded up and we headed out to a mountain range about an hour north of Smithers called Harold Price.
This range is not too difficult to sled in, which is good because I am a beginner. We had a terrific day, and the guys showed me a few tricks, 'like pulling a doughnut.' That will be useful next time as I got the sled I used stuck about 6 times in the deep powder snow!
The picture is of Devin and Brian on top of one of the mountains that we sledded up. A great day indeed. Now I am so bloody sore from it that I need to rest my weary bones and muscles! Posted by Picasa