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Golf Clap

Let’s reflect shall we? If you recall, this team was tagged to go no where (anywhere from 9th to 11th in the conference, often dead last in the division). And they still could, who knows. Around this time last season the Canucks were in first too and then proceeded to fall flatly through most of February and March. This could still happen obviously.

So I’m not blowing smoke up their ass; rather, I’m simply acknowledging the fact they are playing the way they are is an extreme pleasure and, honestly, a surprise considering their putrid play in November.

In fact, just for fun, think of how they are playing now in contrast with last year's Crawford circus. Go ahead, just try it. Steady now, you may lose consciousness. Amazing right?

And it’s not just the fans. It’s got to be great to be a Vancouver team member these days. In no specific order:

  1. Luongo is now apparently immune to those pesky frailties’ that normally would fall a normal human being.
  2. Vancouver’s no name, blue collar guys are suddenly picking up the slack.
  3. Due to point #2, the pressure is off Naslund and the Sedins to produce every single night. Which is a good thing. A relaxed Swede is a deadly one. (I think, I’ll get back to you on that).
  4. You can’t credit the Canuck scouting staff that often, but they did their job with Bieska and Edler.
  5. Matt Cooke is not only a pain in the ass to play against, but funny as hell. See his take on Morrison’s favorite chick flick. Brilliant.
  6. Trevor Linden is playing like he’s 19 again. This, if nothing else, is what the guy deserves after being public enemy #3 during the lockout behind Bettman and Goodenow.
  7. Bulis got his revenge against his former team in style. A key assist on the second goal and a 55 foot slap shot past Huet’s glove. Bulis hasn’t been much, but clearly when motivated he’s an asset.
  8. Not only is Vigneault’s system working, but it worked perfectly against his former team. Anyone catch that smirk on his face as he left the ice at the end of the game? Sometimes a smirk sure beats a middle finger.

To that end, I say the Canucks keep harnessing this element of revenge over the next few games before the All Star break:

Thursday Vs Ottawa

- Someone remind Luongo that the Sens wanted him, but didn’t match Keenan’s asking price; hence they didn’t see the true value in him and preferred, instead, the laughable gaffe that is Gerber.

- Someone remind Salo that the Sens didn’t think highly enough of him to sign him after the 2002 season. They may have even taunted him and suggested he take up a second career as a ballerina. The police are still investigating…

Friday Vs Buffalo

- Someone remind Pyatt that this team thought so highly of him that they took a fourth round pick for him, the equivalent of asking for something off the dollar menu at McDonalds for free.

- Someone remind the entire team that Sabres were kind enough to take a second round pick off our hands at the last trade deadline for Mikka Noronen who played about three seconds for Vancouver before following the cash to Russia for the season. As if the Sabres need more solid young guys? Buggery.