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GM's love affair with Nedved laughable

I guess Muckler really was miffed over the whole Nedved-signing.
From the Edmonton Sun last week (yeah, old news):
While sources confirm Ottawa made a claim for the 35-year-old Nedved, the club wasn't the only team disappointed to learn he'll join the Oilers for the second time in his career. Sources say the arch-rival Toronto Maple Leafs also put in a claim because they badly need help at centre with Michael Peca out, and wanted to keep Nedved from going to the Senators.

Alright, so I don't mind that Nedved went to the rival Oilers because I don't like him. But if John Ferguson Jr would have signed that bum, I would have walked out into the street and shot myself. It was bad enough that he signed Lindros last year!!
Muckler wanted Nedved? Who fucking cares? Let them have him! It angers me for the Sun to suggest that the Leafs wanted to keep Nedved from going to Ottawa. Either the Sun is guessing, or JFJ is a complete mindless idiot, or both. Let's not overrate Pete. He is in decline, he is heartless, and when he isn't playing with Kovalev, Lemieux or Jagr, his offensive output is lackluster. I think teams are better off letting youth enter their lineup than adding a player like Nedved.
Hope you enjoy him, Edmonton! Good luck.