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Gelinas to return to Calgary?

The Calgary Sun is reporting, more like suggesting that the Flames should reacquire Martin Gelinas.
And while you know Darryl Sutter is looking hard to find the next Marcus
Nilson or Ville Nieminen, who arrived quietly near the trade deadline to pay big
dividends, there is one acquisition out there as obvious as a streaker at
Safeway: Bringing back The Eliminator, Martin Gelinas.
Currently playing out
the string in Florida where he'll walk as an unrestricted free agent at season's
end, Gelinas would easily be farmed out to any team willing to give up a fourth-
or fifth-round draft pick.
Truth is, few teams would be interested in the
36-year-old workhorse who has just six goals and 15 assists in 50 games. He's
only being used 12 minutes a night.
Nowhere in the world would he be more
appreciated than Calgary where the feisty left-winger became a local icon after
scoring the winning goal in each of the first three rounds of the club's 2004
playoff run.
Reporting to camp every year as the fittest Flame, Gelinas
epitomized the work ethic and heart that got the Flames one goal from a Stanley
Cup that year.
Two years later, could he duplicate his heroics down the
stretch or into the playoffs? Not on your life.

Know what I think? I think Calgary should piss off! Gelinas would be better suited with the Canucks, because the Flamers have less dignity, less poise, less pride, and less chance of making it into the playoffs! Get to the back of the line, Calgary.
Hey Gelinas, come back to a city where you were truly loved...VANCOUVER!!!