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Canucks 4 Hab-nots 0: Doin' it Viggy style!

The Canucks are on a role...and are continuing it in Montreal tonight.
In the 1st period, the Canucks took it to the Habs offensively, moving the puck around quickly and effectively and keeping the pressure on Montreal. Josh Green and Lukas Krajicek scored for Vancouver.
In the 2nd period, the Canucks played a 1-2-2 defensive system and shut down the Habs. Ryan Kesler scored a tip-in goal late in the 2nd frame.
-Samsonov was a scratch tonight. So was Craig Rivet.
-The Habs can't get any breaks, which is what happens to a slumping team. They aren't making any breaks for themselves either. They look disorganized and defeated.
-The Canucks look confident. They capitalize on any Montreal mistake.
3rd Period

Yeah! Jan Bulis just skated in and blew a shot by Huet! Even Bulis is getting his digs in tonight against his former club!

John Garrett states: "If Rory Fitzpatrick scores, we know it's a full moon!"

The Montreal faithful are really booing the Habs 5 minutes into the 3rd. Then again, they've been booing them off and on all night. It's like I said to Hodge: "I swear that Hab fans can love and hate their team at least 5 times per game!"
Fickle bunch they are. Sad really. They actually annoy me! Ils sont pathetique! Merde!!! Maybe they are yelling 'Booo' as in Bulis... but they forgot his whole name...

Naslund is having a terrific game, quarterbacking alot of plays, lots of jump. Ironically, Linden is having a quiet game compared to recent history.

Kovalev is a bag of dung! He stays out on the ice for too long, hangs on to the puck too long...etc etc. When he's bad, he's just atrocious!

Contrary to what Garrett and Hughson said, the Cowan/Downey fight was not pointless! It entertained me, so it counts for something! Downey gets the extra penalty for throwing punches over the linesmen who were breaking up the fight. Yeah, Downey is a shitbag!

Anyone seen Saku Koivu tonight? He played over 16 minutes and registered ZERO shots. The only Hab that I really noticed was Latendresse.

The Canucks played a full 60-minutes for the first time all year and made the Habs look asleep.

Luongo gets probably the easiest shutout of his career.

Wasn't it great to see Vigneault smiling like that after the game? He stuck a knife into the side of Montreal, so to speak. All of the Canucks looked happy and deservedly so! They are back on top of the Northwest Division!
Bring on the Sens!

My 3 stars:

1. Ryan Kesler. 1 goal and 2 assists, and a +3.
2. Kevin Bieksa. 2 assists and a +3.
3. Roberto Luongo. Solid, but didn't have to be spectacular.

Jan Bulis had 1 goal and 1 assist. Holy sh*t. Look out for 4 horsemen coming out of the sky and massive plagues infesting the earth.