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Canuck Poll at Half Point

I saw a poll last week on Sportsnet that raised an interesting question.

This season, how would you rate the Canucks' performance?

A. Less than what you expected
B. What you expected
C. Exceeding what you expected

The Canucks are exceeding my expectations this season. With a decent winning streak and being a few points ahead of Calgary in first spot in the Northwest Division, I have to say: I did not see this coming. I predicted the Canucks to finish 10th. To quote myself:
10. Canucks. Sorry, Nuck fans, but this is a realistic projection. Luongo may be good , but the Canucks are going to score less, and have to re-adjust to Vigneault's new defensive system and new lines. Anything better than 10th will be a pleasant suprise. Hope it happens.

Ok, so I'm suprised, and WRONG so far on the standings. But it's too early to start crying yet.