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Antroparovsky return, Leafs win.

You've hear of Brangelina (Pitt-Jolie) and Bennifer (Affleck-Garner). Now I give to you.....Antroparovsky! Or, Ponikarantropov for short:) Say that 10 times quickly. Bob Cole couldn't even say it once I'll bet.
Antropov and Ponikarovsky returned to the Leafs lineup tonight from ankle and shoulder injuries (respectively) and made an immediate impact. Both had a goal and an assist. Both were a +2. These stats were better than any other Leaf tonight. These 2 players have improved dramatically this season and should help the Leafs get out of their slump.
However, I still can't believe how inconsistent the Leafs' team defence is! They HAVE to cut back on those 2 and 3-on-1's! Gad, it's like watching the Canucks of 1998!!!