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Another Dead Duck!

The Ducks have lost another defenceman. This time it's Chris Pronger, who broke his foot in last night's 4-3 loss to the Wild.
'It wasn't really that hard of a shot. It just catches you on the right spot and there's not much padding down there,'' said Pronger, who tried briefly to skate after the shot. ''Every time I went to push off, it didn't feel very good.''

I'm suprised there aren't more broken feet with all the shot blocking going on.
The Ducks are facing alot of adversity now, and we'll see how they react. My guess is they will look human for once this season. Maybe even a losing skid! They have lost their last 2 games.
Pronger now joins Francois Beauchemin (spleen), Todd Marchant (abdominal), JS Giguere (groin), and Ilya Bryzgalov (groin) on the injury list.
I'm sure the Ducks are more concerned about getting at least one of their top goalies back ASAP.