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An all star boring ass week what else to do then link to random musings from around the intraweb?

1. Learn likely way way too much about a team you likely hate very very much. Also marvel at McCabe's stellar sense of humor as well.

2. Laugh yourself silly over Buccigross' (who's popularity I will never understand) assertion that the Canucks should move Luc Bourdon for the one legged Foppa wonder.

3. Be jealous that Kevin Bieska has done yet another thing the rest of us dream of but will likely never get a shot at. (Dank je, Alanah)

4. Josh Plummer lists his top 10 Canuck moments of the year so far, which include both a good bootleg video of Luongo being named first star and another picture of Lui looking lonely, but oddly content, with his stick in the stands.

5. Not hockey related, but worth noting that the Portuguese are wonderful people who have fine taste and should be complimented for their willingness to act on said taste:

If anyone has any interest, Luongo will be featured in the following events in the SuperSkills competition (h/t Kukla):

Event 7 - In the Zone
Round Three: Lecavalier, Bouwmeester & Ovechkin Vs Luongo

Event 8 - Shootout
Round One: Heatley, Lecavalier, Blake & Ovechkin Vs Luongo

Event 9 - One-On-One Shootout
Round One: Crosby Vs Luongo

Good to see Luongo gets a few days off rest to deal with Heatley, Lecavalier, Ovechkin and Crosby barreling down on him!