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5 more things about me

Unreal. There must have been a time early last week that I didn't surf the hockey blogs, because I'm seeing now that I got tagged by both Mike at The Yankee Canuck and Isabella at Stick in Rink back then. I wasn't being a prude. I just missed the bus is all...
Truth be told, I have already done something like this back in August. But hey, just to give you some information-overload, here are 5 more things about me.

1. Most of my years in school were at a Christian School. At the Christian High School, I had the biggest mullet that they had ever seen. I also wore grotesque dark acid-washed pants,black shirts, and high-top Converse running shoes regularily. Yup, I was a rebel of sorts. I smoked cigarettes and pot, and drank on the weekends. Despite all of that, I was still a teacher's pet.

2. In the mid 90's I went through an identity crisis. I was a cross between a skid, hippy, and a redneck. Oh, and I also purchased the first 3 Spice Girls albums....yeesh. I'm going to hell for sure.

3. My first car, in about 1993, was a 1983 Toyota Corolla. Damn, that car never quit. We tried to wreck it and it would keep going. Eventually the motor blew when the oil ran out because of a leak in the main seal. My 2nd car was an '83 Camaro. Picture it...a massive mullet and a bitchin' Camaro. The girls loved it. My 3rd car was a 1984 Corolla. A 4-speed. Myself and a friend of mine took a cutting torch to it and made it into a convertible. Good times. The worst thing about Corolla's was that the door hinges would freeze open when it got below -10. Try driving while holding the door closed on every turn and working the manual transmission! I finally tied my seat belt around the door handle to keep it somewhat shut while I drove.

4. Besides the Spice Girls ordeal,which was inexcusable, I have a few other musical indulgences that some frown upon. Guilty pleasures include:
Abba. Where I'm from, you are gay if you like Abba. Not true. I still listen to it quite often. I grew up listening to them. The voices of Anni-Frid and Agnetha and their harmonies were hard to top. The genius of Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus made Abba more than just a disco band. It was wizardry.
Duran Duran. Sure, you could think of them as just a pretty-boy band. But their music was cutting edge. If you were a teenager especially in the 80's and you didn't like the song 'Wild Boys', then you needed to have your head examined!

5. I have never been further north than Hyder, Alaska, further south than Seattle, further East than Quebec City, and further west than Tofino. Something tells me that that will soon change now that I married a Russian lady who used to listen to the Spice Girls, heheh.

I guess tagging someone now would almost be pointless wouldn't it? It would be like making another Mighty Ducks movie. If not then I would tag Dave at the Canucks Outsider, because I see that he didn't partake!