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2007 All Star Game Results

The following is what occured at the skills competition last night, in order.
Winner: Eastern Conference, mostly because Lubo Visnovsky slipped and nearly fell during his segment.

Rick Nash vs Jay Bouwmeester. Winner: Nash

Eric Staal: 14.40
Patrick Marleau: 14.08
Brian Campbell: 14.97
Bill Guerin: 14.34
Alex Ovechkin: 15.19 Computer was rigged! :) Greg Millen complains about Ovechkin's shaded visor, calling it illegal. Hey Greg, shut the fuck up, you pompous do-gooder!
Andy McDonald: 14.03 seconds

Brendan Shanahan tries a backhander and is stopped by Marty Turco
Niklas Lidstrom shoots at Christobal Huet and is stopped.
Simon 'over rated' Gagne goes to the backhand and scores on Turco.
Bill Guerin shoots and scores 5-hole on Huet.
Eric Staal shoots at Turco and is stopped
Johnny Cheechoo dekes and beats Huet.
Daniel Briere hits the post.
Patrick Marleau shoots and is stopped by Huet.
Turco allows 1 goal on 4 shots.
Huet allows 2 goals on 4 shots.

HARDEST SHOT (mph) (1st/2nd attempts)
Brian Rafalski: 84.6/86.8
Philip Boucher: 98.0/94.6
Dany Heatley: 94.0/96.0
Joe Thornton: 91.8/93.2
Zdeno Chara: 99.5/100.4
Niklas Lidstrom: 91.0/89.8
Sheldon Sourray: 99.5/100.0
Dion Phaneuf: 89.6/90.4

These guys have their fancy sticks, yet Al Iafrate still holds the record using a wooden stick!

Marian Hossa shoots and scores on Miikka Kiprusoff.
Martin Havlat dekes and scores a backhander on Martin Brodeur. This is the best deke of the night so far.
Martin St. Louis dekes, tries a backhander, and is stopped by Kipper.
Teemu 'Buzz' Selanne shoots and is stopped by Brodeur.
Justin Williams scores high glove-side on Kipper.
Andy McDonald scores on Brodeur with a sweet deke and backhand that rivals Havlat's goal.
Sid Crosby does the leg kick and buries one past Kipper 5-hole. Nice one too.
Rick 'don't call me trash' Nash tries the ol' Zhamnov one-timer and Brodeur will have none of that.

SHOOTING ACCURACY (18-second time limit)
Simon Gagne 'the gagger': hits 2 targets on 6 shots
Jonathan Cheechoo: hits 3 targets on 8 shots
Eric Staal: hits 4 targets on 5 shots
Joe Sakic: caves under pressure and hits 2 targets in 8 shots.
Marian Hossa: hits 4 targets on 5 shots
Yanic Perrault: hits 4 targets on 6 shots
Brendan Shanahan: hits 4 targets on 6 shots
Joe Thornton: hits 4 targets on 6 shots

Winning Conference: East hit 14 targets on 24 shots

Staal/Campbell/Briere: 2 goals on Turco
Perrault/Jovo/Nash: 0 goals on Huet
Crosby/Gagne/Hossa: 0 goals on Kipper
Smyth/Rolston/Timmonen: 1 goal on Brodeur
Lecavalier/Boumeester/Ovechkin: 0 goals
Phaneug/Cheechoo/Thornton: 0 goals

That event was lame.

Heatley is stopped by Luongo.
Sakic scores on Ryan Miller.
Lecavalier dekes Luongo and is stopped.
Smyth scores on Miller low blocker-side.
Jason Blake is robbed by Luongo and his trusty glove.
Rolston dekes and is stopped by Miller.
Ovechkin dekes to the backhand, runs out of real estate, and is stopped by Bobby Lou.
Thornton rifles a shot at Miller and beats him blocker side as well.
---The overall skills score is 10-10? Ok, how about extra shootout chances?-----
Crosby does his gay little kick and roofs a shot over Luongo's righ shoulder.
Selanne shoots and scores on Miller 5-hole.
Crosby makes Luongo look funny and scores over his left shoulder again (bastard).
Selanne tries a backhand and misses.
Crosby tries to shoot over Luongo's right pad, sensing weakness, but Luongo robs him. (pictured)
Selanne is then robbed by Miller and this one is over.

Eastern Conference wins 15-11.
Not a bad show at all.