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Vancouver Sun hands out report cards to Canucks

I missed it, but the Sun asked readers to rate their Canucks. The following are the highest voted rating of each player.

Markus Naslund: B
Henrik Sedin: B
Dan Sedin: B
Brendan Morrison: C
Matt Cooke: D
Taylor Pyatt: B
Sami Salo: B
Mattias Ohlund: B
Kevin Bieksa: B
Willie Mitchell: B
Bobby Luongo: B
Dany Sabourin: D

What do you think? Are you in agreement?
I disagree on a couple.
Matt Cooke shouldn't be a D, he should be an F
Pyatt, I would drop to a C, or a C+
I think the Canucks' D is pretty sweet. I would rank Mitchell, Bieksa, and perhaps even Ohlund at an A.