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Tragedy for Gainey

From TSN:
HALIFAX (CP) - Planes and vessels were still part of a massive ocean search for the daughter of Montreal Canadiens general manager Bob Gainey late Sunday afternoon, almost 40 hours after the young woman was swept from a tall ship by a rogue wave.

Laura Gainey, 25, was washed off a covered deck at the back of the vessel by a huge wave at about 9:00 p.m. EST Friday (about 700 km ESE of Cape Cod). She wasn't wearing a life-jacket, but she was wearing warm protective clothing.

Laura still has not been found, and it has been a long time for her to be in the water. There is a threat of hypothermia.

Pierre Gauthier will take over the GM duties of the Canadiens while Gainey waits for answers with his 3 other children.

I'm sure all of our thoughts and prayers go out to Bob and his family today. There still is hope. Laura is an excellent swimmer apparently, so hang in there, Bob.

For the rest of the story, see TSN.

Search and rescue has searched 1500 square miles of water as of 5:00 EST. It is dark in the east now, but they have superb night vision technology and will keep searching. There is still alot of area that they can search yet.

Last Update:
The U.S. Coast Guard was preparing to call off the air and sea search for Laura Gainey, swept overboard Friday by a huge wave as she was sailing on a tall ship east of Cape Cod, Mass.

A round-the-clock search of the ocean 756 kilometres southeast of Cape Cod failed to turn up any trace of Gainey, 25-year-old daughter of Montreal Canadiens general manager Bob Gainey, the U.S. Coast Guard reported Monday night.

Remember Bob Gainey and his family in their time of sorrow.
Speedy recovery, Bob. Hope to see you back soon.