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Thoughts on tonight's action

  • With the Avalanche defeating the Sharks tonight, they have passed the Canucks and moved into 9th spot in the West. This makes the Canucks' game against Carolina on Friday night a must-win IMO. They are now only 3 points ahead of Chicago and Los Angeles, and 5 points ahead of Phoenix. Oh shit, I can just see the panic arising if the Canucks lose to the Canes....
  • I just don't get Florida. They could be the most inconsistent team in the League. Tonight, they beat the Sabres 3-1, and outshot them 38-18. I don't care about the 38 shots, it's the 18 shots against that impresses me, against Buffalo nonetheless. Either way, right now I am eating my hockey socks for predicting the Panthers to make the playoffs. They are only 5 points ahead of last place Philadelphia in the East.
  • Sidney Crosby scored another highlight reel goal tonight, busting through 2 Rangers defencemen. Then again, the word 'busting' may not be appropriate. What the hell was Darius Kasparaitis doing on that play? (He was the guy on the right side of Crosby as he broke in.) Kasper was skating backwards towards the corner as Crosby passed by him, opening the lane like God parting the Red Sea. I'm serious!
  • The NHL Network's Bill Berg cracked me up tonight. He was mentioning how small Saku Koivu is and he said: : "I can remember playing against him, and he is not that big. He's actually really small! He kind of looks like a runt out there!" Haha! Priceless stuff by Berg.
  • Poor St. Louis. They were up 3-0 early in the 2nd period and then blew it. From the 42 second mark of the 2nd when the Blues scored the 3-0 goal until the Red Wings scored the OT goal, the Wings outshot them about 33-13. Yeesh. The 4 consecutive penalties that the Blues took in the first 10 minutes of the 3rd period probably didn't help either. Must suck to be a Blues fan right now!
  • Damn it. The Leafs still can't score goals. They are still losing games in the 3rd period. And they cannot beat the Bruins this year. The Bruins scored three 3rd period goals to squash the Leafs 3-1 tonight. The worst part is that this puts the currently Leafs out of a playoff spot in 9th place in the East. It is the 1st time that they have been in this position all season. They have now allowed the 3rd-most goals against in the NHL (100). Damn it. If they keep this losing streak alive, they could be in 13th spot in the East by Monday, as Boston, Washington, and Tampa Bay are only 1 point behind them. And I thought fucking Vancouver had problems!!! Damn it!!!