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Kessel in struggle with cancer

Thanks to Alanah, at her new domain for posting about it.
BOSTON CBS4 has learned for the second time in recent months, another young athlete is in a major medical fight. The Boston Bruins' first-round pick Phil Kessel has testicular cancer.

Sources say Kessel is currently at Mass. General Hospital and was due to undergo surgery.

Kessel is said to be in good spirits. He was the Bruins' number one pick and fifth overall in the NHL.

There is a news clip here.

I actually was guessing something like this. Especially when it's medical and private. But no matter. The NHL has no shortage of crazy news this week.
Best of luck to Phil Kessel. I'm sure he will be fine.

Remember guys, always check your jewels on a regular basis. At least, that's what my doctor told me.