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In defence of Michael Wall and Dany Sabourin

I'm not going to make a big deal out of this. But I will mention it as something I've noticed.
Do you see the difference between Giguere and Wall in their photos? It looks as though Giguere ate about 3 turkeys all by himself at Christmas dinner. Wall looks to have only indulged in a little stuffing.
I'm not saying that this is a big contributing factor to Wall's less than stellar numbers in a few games with the Ducks this season. But the difference in appearance between the 2 (on TV anyway) is amazing.
Giguere is 6 feet 1 inch, 200 pounds. Wall is a bigger 6 feet 2 inches, 209 pounds. Why isn't Wall stuffing his padding more to gain some advantage? Does he feel it negatively affects his mobility? The same can be said about Luongo's backup Dany Sabourin. Luongo is 6 foot 3 inches and 205 pounds. Sabourin is 6 feet 2 inches 190 pounds. The weight difference may apply somewhat there, but Canuck fans have seen Sabourin's stature between the pipes. He looks like he's actually about 5 feet fuck all and about 150 pounds soaking wet. Luongo looks like he's Andre the Giant out there.
I wouldn't mind seeing guys like Wall and Sabourin cheat it up a little in their padding. I think that with Sabourin especially, when he goes down in the butterfly, the whole upper part of the net is exposed, more so than with most butterfly goalies. It's too much net for the players to shoot at, and it makes me damn nervous.
On the flipped side, maybe players like Giguere need to be slimmed down some more yet.
Like I said, the extra padding is not a HUGE contributing factor to Wall or Sabourin's numbers. But sometimes a few inches wider here or there is going to help your percentages!