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Good News! Demitra may not play tonight!

From the Minnesota Star Tribune:
Forward Pavol Demitra began practicing with the team Monday but left early because of illness. Assistant general manager/hockey operations Tom Lynn said Demitra would be able to play tonight. After practice, Lemaire said he was not certain Demitra would be ready.

Let's hope he pukes his guts out pregame and suffers a 'wild' fever. The Canucks should win this one now unless:
*the streakiest of players Mark Parrish wakes up and starts streaking again. No, I don't mean running around naked.
*they go to a shootout and Rolston takes a slapshot...
*Pascal Dupuis shoots another puck off Luongo's mask, with Luongo's head being behind the goal line. The refs and goal judges are SURE to call it a goal this time!
*Dany Sabourin plays in net.
*Derek Boogaard takes a run at Luongo and eats his remains. Then Sabourin would have to go in net...