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Funny how the Leafs and Canucks are polar opposites

Being a fan of both teams, which I know is treacherous in some people's minds, I can't help but be equally frustrated with both teams' current issues. It's just strange to be angry at both teams for their completely opposite issues! I love watching the Leafs' super offence and the Canucks' new found stingy defence. However, both of these strengths are very attributed to their weaknesses.
The Canucks are so good on defence on most nights, that their offence has forgotten how to score. Their 2.07 goals scored per game average is nothing short of pathetic, especially considering that they aren't getting Vezina-trophy goaltending from Luongo. It just won't win on most nights in the new NHL.
The Leafs are so explosive offensively at all positions, that their team defence is suffering badly. I'm seeing just as many odd-man rushes against them that I saw in the Pat Quinn era. I didn't expect that problem under Paul Maurice. Despite their past 5 consecutive losses, the Leafs are in the top 5 in the NHL in goal scoring.
Today, Paul Maurice said:
''It's easy enough to walk around and swear at everybody, skate 'em real hard and go home,'' he said. ''But you haven't really done anything.

''So, on days like (Wednesday), you go through the video, pick out things, you get out of your office and you go into the room and coach. It's a lot more comfortable just to wrap yourself in your anger and sit in (the coach's office) and grumble and point fingers.

''The harder part is to get out of your office and get into that (dressing) room and work at it and work at it and work at it because you know it's going to turn and when it does you need to be a better team.

''That's the key to all of this. Every team in the NHL goes through these things. The key is to be a better team. Boston did it at the start of the year. Atlanta went through a similar thing.

''It's a good bunch of guys in the room. They're conscientious.''

Yeah, just not defensively conscientious!

The Canucks will wait for some of their key scorers like Brendan Morrison, Matt Cooke, Ryan Kesler, and even Alex Borrows to break out of their slumps and hopefully provide some secondary scoring. It's no suprise to any team now that if you shut down the Sedins, you're probably going to win.
Alain Vigneault plans to juggle the lines further on Friday against the Hurricanes.
From the Vancouver Sun:
In Tuesday's practice, Naslund skated with Brendan Morrison and Jan Bulis, while Ryan Kesler joined the Sedins.
"I think right now we're probably going to split them up, but we are not on the ice again until Thursday, so I've got until Thursday to think this through," Vigneault said of Naslund and the Sedins.
"Obviously, right now we're not a very tough team to shut down," Vigneault said. "I mean you have one line, they [opposing teams] play their top line or their top D pair and they play those guys hard. That's why we need other guys to live up to their expectations."

Hold on to your butts, it's going to be a long, stressful, joyous ride until April!