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Clarke returns to Philly

From the Associated Press:

The Flyers have named Bobby Clarke as the team's Senior Vice President. I guess Clarke couldn't stay away from the Flyers for too long. Clarke bleeds black and brown. Some of the things that come out of his mouth remind me of something else that's brown.
Clarke had this to say today:
"I'm really glad that I'm still associated with Paul and the team. Whatever Paul sees me as, whether it's scouting or he wants my opinion, then I'll offer it. I'm not there to do someone else's job. I'm just there if Paul sees a way I can help."

Do you sense a 'stand off-ish' tone to that? I don't really believe what he is saying for some reason.
GM Paul Holmgren mentioned:
"Bob's experience as a player and general manager over the last 37 years is invaluable. This is a way to keep Clarkie involved in the organization and utilize the knowledge that he has gained over the years. He is a tremendous resource that we can call upon. We should take advantage of that and Bob is certainly willing to help out the organization any way that he can."