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Blues fire Mike Kitchen and hire Andy Murray

Andy Murray couldn't be out of a job for too long. He's a hell of a coach.
Poor Kitchen had only 38 wins in 131 regular season games as Blues coach.
"We realize we're a team that's got a long way to go," Blues GM John Davidson said. "We just felt we needed to take a step like this to move forward."
You look at this thing and we realize we're a team that's trying to rebuild. We just want more, that's all.
"We'll see where it goes with Andy. We need a more concerted effort."

Davidson mentioned that he does want Kitchen to stay a part of the organization.
The Blues are 7-17-4 this season, which is probably worse than most people had foreseen. Andy Murray should change this teams' work ethic a lot I'd say.
Speaking of that, what the hell is Ken Hitchcock putting in the Blue Jacket players' Corn Flakes? Crack? The Jackets are on a roll.