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Very good to see Alex Steen score the winner for the Leafs last night. Steen was good last season, getting 45 points in 75 games, and this year he isn't getting the icetime on a scoring line, so his output has dropped. To give him a little credit, here are 2 video clips of some Steen magic.

Remember that beauty he scored on Alex Auld last season in Vancouver? He was almost off balance and losing the puck, but he quickly regained composure and roofed a backhander more quickly that you can say "Holy Mackinaw!"

This is a beauty that he scored in Sweden earlier in 03/04.. Talk about shades of Denis Savard!

Finally a great goal never scored against the Bruins. Is this guy patient or what?
Maybe Harry Neale should put some crack in his pipe before he does commentary....he sounds like he's covering a funeral! Hey, you notice who the defenceman is that he beats? New Leaf Hal Gill! (oh no!)