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What the Canucks are saying after last night's win

Markus Naslund:
"Three goals is a blow-out for us this year," said Naslund. "Getting up a couple of goals going into the third helps, but they got one back there and got a couple chances, but luckily Lui (Luongo) stood the ground and kept us in back there.
"We could have had 10 if we had a little bit of luck," said Naslund. "We created lots and I think the whole team is playing good hockey. We’re generating chances now and hopefully we can have another game like this. A lot of guys are going to get their confidence back."

Ah, so they call Luongo "Lui"...

Ryan Kesler talks about his tussle with Keith Tkachuk:
"I might have head-butted him off the draw, said Kesler. "A couple other words were said and he asked me to go, so I thought that’s what the team needed."

Alain Vigneault liked how his team played, especially Naslund:
"I thought we played really sound in both ends of the rink", said Vigneault. "As much as I like the fact that they got us big goals at important times, I love the fact that with 30 seconds left in the game, Markus Naslund goes down and blocks a shot."
That for me is as important as scoring a goal and I thought our leaders tonight offensively did a real good job for us."

I forgot about Naslund blocking a shot last night. He's turning into a more complete player this year, isn't he?

Viggy-mac was also impressed with Ryan Kesler:
"I think Kes was aware he had to play with a little bit more feistiness and a little bit more emotion and energy," said Vigneault. "I think right off the bat he showed his team-mates and probably more importantly himself that he was ready to play."
He came out and had a strong game and I like the fact he was rewarded at the end there with a nice goal."