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Waiting For Stanley not-so power poll

With Ken Hitchcock being shown the door last Sunday, it got me the words of Bill Goldberg: "Who's Next?"

  1. Dave Lewis. The Bruins are going nowhere fast, and I don't think Lewis is a good motivator.
  2. Gerard Gallant. The Blue Jackets are expected to make some waves this season. The waves looks like what happens when you throw a pebble in a still lake.
  3. Larry Playfair. The Flames are not getting the offense or the success that was expected...yet. How impatient is Darryl Sutter? Answer: About as patient as a claustrophobic in a dark 3 foot wide closet.
  4. Marc Crawford. The Kings are 3-6. Has the Crow lost his 'caw'?
  5. Wayne Gretzky. The Coyotes look like poodles.
  6. John Stevens. The Flyers will funk it up, and a more experienced NHL coach will take over.
  7. Any other sorry sack you can think of.