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Waiting For Playstation 3

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I'm not really big into watching news unless it's about hockey or destructive storms. But I did take interest in the stories about people camping outside of Best Buy's and other chains waiting for the Playstation 3 release last week. To avoid riots, managers of most stores provided a number system, where the first people to arrive were given #1, #2 and so on, and then 5 people at a time could go inside and purchase the gaming system once the store opened.
As you'll see in this clip, (which is the best one I found) by an author and producer named Brooks Brown from Denver Colorado, about 90% of the people in these lineups were going to immediately sell their PS3's for up to $3000 US online. This was true on every clip I watched. The systems at the department stores were going for about $450 - $500 US if not a bit more. Talk about Capitalism at its best!

I don't know how many PS3's were released in Canada last week, but I read that about 150,000-200,000 units were shipped to North America for its release. Talk about a shortage.
Apparently, there are about 29,000 units up for sale on EBAY, which is an estimated 10% of the total units released. So, a large percentage of the campers were either: lying because of embarassment, or took the console home and became immediately addicted.
There were some crazy happenings at some of the campouts. An article in the Worcester Telegram reports about a 21-year old youth getting shot at 3 AM in Putnam Massachusetts by some crooks. It also talks about other mishaps across the states. But hey, that's the damn reason why I don't like watching the news that much...too depressing.
Personally? I am going to wait until next year when the price goes down dramatically and more games are released. There are not enough sports games out there yet, or even a Grand Theft Auto!